Yes, of course! Visit this page here, to have a new password sent to you. Afterward, you can always change it back to something else of your choosing here on this page.


Please navigate to the Menu and click Dashboard.  There will you see an overview of your account. Below you will also find the courses. You can see course progress, and click the title of the course to begin the first lesson! 

Dashboard Page

View registered courses, see progress and download certificates. 

Registered Courses

View all course data, and pick up where you left off!


Your username is the email address that you originally registered with.


Yes! Absolutely. You can do so here. Just make sure to replace both the Contractor First Name and Contractor Last Name name with yours. Hit save and check your certificate again!


At the completion of your course, save a copy of “certificate of completion” in a safe spot on your computer for uploading to “Viewpoint” upon renewal of your Contractors’ Registration.


You will need three courses to meet the 2.5-hour education requirement for your RI CRLB renewal. Click here to see course offerings now.


There are more than 100 different classes offered per year. offers 24/7 access so participants can take them at their own pace.


Rhode Island Builders has a 90% satisfaction rate for its educational service offerings.  The organization continually asks for feedback from participants to enhance its programs.