RI CRLB CEU Requirements

Most Recent Contractor Registration

Credit Hours Required

Date Required By

New contractor – registered in or after July 2015


All 2017 and future renewals

Registered before July 2015


2019 renewal and future renewals

April 2016 – December 2016


2018 renewal and future renewals

Requirements for Rhode Island Contractors

In April of 2016, the contractor registration and licensing board finalized new educational requirements for RI Contractors to maintain, or obtain, a registration to conduct business in the state. 

If you are an existing registered contractor, at your next scheduled renewal, you will then have 24 months to obtain a minimum of 5 hours of continuing education credits before you will be able to obtain a subsequent renewal of your registration.  Only courses approved by the CRLB will be eligible for approved credits.  

If you are a new residential contractor or are conducting business in RI for the first time, you will need to take a mandatory instructor lead, (in person) 5 hour pre-registration course


Each registrant must obtain his/her Continuing Education credits through a Board approved provider. The Rhode Island Builders Association (RIBA) is a Board approved provider, with provider code 1.

The applicant/registrant is responsible for demonstrating compliance with and completion of the Continuing Education requirements. Irrespective of any transcript that may be issued directly to the Board by a vendor, provider or instructor, an original certificate issued by the vendor, provider or instructor to the registrant shall serve as conclusive evidence of course completion.

The applicant/registrant is required to provide a photocopy of the original course completion documents/certificates to the Board‐approved or other third‐party‐vendor for renewal of registration purposes.

The applicant/ registrant must retain the original documents/certificates for his/her current registration period, and for three (3) years following the completion of the course(s), as proof of course completion if audited.

Course certificates shall include the date of the course, number of credit hours completed, contact information of the provider and the instructor, any accreditation information and signature of the instructor.

For more information please contact the RI Builders Association at (401) 438-7400.